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Terrible picture pixilation and clicking sounds.


I've searched the forums and can't find an answer to this one.

On a number of channels, including HD and SD, the picture keeps pixilating/breaking out into boxes and making peculiar clicking/popping sounds. It has now got so bad it has rendered a few channels un-watchable, some of my wife's favorites unfortunately.

I've tried the recommended checks on the "Help & Support" section but nothing has helped.

I know others have had this problem, but don't seem to have posted a solution.

Thanks for any help in advance. Rick.

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Re: Terrible picture pixilation and clicking sounds.

Hi Rick, 

Firstly I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that your TV picture has got so bad that some channels are unwatchable, I know how much trouble I'd be if the better half wasn't able to watch what they wanted to Smiley Wink  so I'd love to help you out. 

I've done some testing on the line, and can see that your set top box is reporting that some of the levels are quite a bit out, and that over the last week, quite a few errors have been logged. In this case I'd like to arrange for someone to call out and take a look at things. 

So I'll send you a private message in order to get things moving with this. 

Please look to the top right of this page where you'll see a purple envelope icon, click on this and you'll see my message. 

Many thanks and apologies once again.


P.S. I hope your wife isn't too cross and will be able to get some of the show's she's missed on Catch Up. 

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