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TV pixellation and catchup problems

I reported problems with my TV reception using a V+ box in September and according to the private messages I received some work was done to sort out my problems.  This worked partially for about three weeks but all my previous problems have returned.

Pixellation on live TV and jerky playback when using iPlayer - if you can find your programme.  Have Virgin stopped providing HD playback?

An interesting phenomenon I noticed is that if I press record when live TV is pixellating and later play it back, lo and behold the picture is perfect!  Can anybody explain to me how this can happen?  Does the recording process 'doctor' the signal before recording it?  Is their anyone out there who can explain this?  Could it be a problem with my box?  Nobody's offered to try switching my V+ box.

I am seriously thinking of changing provider, seriously..I mean that seriously...I am seriously thinking about it, seriously, but seriously.... What did you say?  You don't believe me?  Seriously I'm serious.

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Forum Team
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Re: TV pixellation and catchup problems

Hi Vascop


I'm so sorry to learn about the continued problems with your TV service at the moment, I've responded to the private message you've sent as we really want to get this issue resolved soon.


Sorry again for the inconvenience this is causing, we're looking forward to hearing from you


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