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TV error meassages 6093 and 6119

Can anyone advise what these error  messages are indicating what has gone wrong. Both are shown as on demand unavailable , that bit I know, but what are they saying is wrong?

Virgin seem incapable of fault finding and advising what these are.



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Re: TV error meassages 6093 and 6119

6093 is usually caused by an over utilisation issue. It could be the OD service in your cable section is running at capacity, & there isnt a spare linear TV stream to carry your content. It can also be caused by a server fault at the local headend. If the fault only occurs intermittently I would suspect the former.


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Re: TV error meassages 6093 and 6119

Hi iandraycott,


Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy


I am sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the On Demand service giving errors.  I'll be happy to help check this out with you.


These errors do usually indicate an issue with high demand on the network, I have carried out some checks there and at present there isn't any high demand issues on the network you are connected to at the moment.


I have also carried out checks with the box remotely and signal and power level wise all looks great from here.  


So I can investigate further, can you please get back to me with the following details?:


*  Name of programme you are ordering.

*  Error code this programme gave.

*  Was it a HD or SD programme?

*  Roughly what time was this ordered?


If you can provide 2 or 3 examples that would be great.


I'm here to help, keep me posted Smiley Happy

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