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TV channels not displaying

My V+ HD box is not displaying any TV channels. I'm able to watch any programmes that have been recorded. Also the tv guide is visible but none of the TV channels are being displayed - no sound either. I've tried restarting the box but problem has not been rectified. Has anyone any idea what I can try

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Re: TV channels not displaying

Hi there keithallinson2, 


I'm really sorry to hear that your V+HD box is not working at the moment. I've run some testing and it is currently showing as offline. This could be down to the fault, or it could be that it is currently powered off. 


If it is powered off, could you power it back on and let me know. And should it be powered on then there is a fault which will mean a technician should be booked. 


Please let me know if it's on or off at the moment. 


Many thanks and apologies again 



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