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TV box slow

I'm having issues with my system, seems to take ages to turn channels or select shows in my shoes I've recorded! Almost feels like the box is slow? Was only a new customer in March. All this happens whilst I get an email that my bill is going up (sure I signed a contract where I pay a set amount each month for the 1st 12 months)
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Up to speed
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Re: TV box slow


There's good news and bad news for you.

First the bad news, unfortunately the VM TiVo is a poorly designed piece of kit. You are not alone in facing issues regarding speed, or rather lack of it. This forum is littered with examples from the hordes of people affected, take a look on this forum at this thread:

If there is a VM moderator who stumbles across your post. They have been conditioned to tell you to fiddle with different buttons on the remote, according to their often used script they'll advise you to reboot, delete programmes, remove series links, stand on your head etc etc. Whilst this might speed your box up a bit, it won't last.

The point is why should customers have to go through this series of pointless actions. Why VM never released a properly fit for purpose piece of kit in the first place is puzzling

Anyhow, here's the good news...

You can cancel without incurring any penalties, the VM terms and conditions allow this if you face a price increase, please see here for details:
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Re: TV box slow

Hi Chill1985


I'm massively sorry for the problems you're experiencing at the moment, we are aware of an issue with our TiVo service and are working hard to resolve it, you can keep up to date with the issue by keeping an eye on [this thread].


Apologies again for any inconvenience caused



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