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TV and phone not working - can't check service status on website

Hi folks

Just moved house and brought Virgin with me because when I am not having problems it is really good. However when I have problems it is a nightmare trying to get them fixed.

Anyway. My Phone and tv aren't working and as there is no freeview signal in this accursed flat I have just moved to I really need the tv and phone back. I'll post about the phone (which I completely dead) in the other section.

I can't use the check service status because the website says it is not working either. I have been on the phone to several people over the last few days and I am not sure what they said because of their strong accents. I gave up trying to get them to repeat everything as I felt embarrassed as they were nice people.

I have a V box HD. I only have 5 tv channels and a bunch of radio channels at the moment. I am getting constant 'activate the new card' pop up messages and 'you aren't subscribed to this channel' (even freeview channels) messages on the screen whenever I change channels. I want BBC News! I want Pick to watch trashy crime and sci-fi!

I have run the customer service line 3 times now. The last person said to restart the tv box after 4pm yesterday and it would be fixed. It wasn't.

I am also contracted to receive a TiVo box at some point but no-one has said when it is coming. I have this feeling that this contract has not been activated properly and at the moment I am really unhappy.

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