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TV Channel Updates December 2015

If you’re looking for some festive inspiration, Christmas specials to enjoy with left-over turkey, sporting entertainment, or movies from a galaxy far, far away, then these are the seasonal channel changes you are looking for

New channels

H2 HD launched at the start of December on channel 274. Available to all on TVXL.

On our Worldbox TiVo app, there are three new international streams in the European section:

  • BFM TV - The first French news channel
  • CTC - The best Russian entertainment channel
  • TGCOM24 - An Italian new channel that covers all events 


Rugby Union

There's some great free Rugby action from the Aviva Premier on BT Sport (548).
Sunday 27th December sees  Harlequins take on Gloucester (4.15pm - 7pm).
You can also tune in to watch Leicester vs Northampton on Saturday, January 9th (2.30pm - 5.30pm)


Xmas specials

The following channels are now in the M TV pack until Tuesday 5th January 2016

  • Watch (124)
  • Alibi (130)
  • Good Food / Christmas Good Food (278)
  • Eden (247)
  • Home (281)
  • Watch HD (191)
  • Alibi HD (200)
  • Good Food HD / Christmas Good Food HD (280) 
  • Eden HD (249)
  • Dave HD (194)
  • Watch +1 (125)
  • Alibi+1 (131)
  • Home +1 (282)
  • Good Food +1/ Christmas Good Food +1 (279)
  • Eden +1 (248)


New channel names

Temporary name changes until January 5th 2016:

Good Food(278), Good Food +1(279), Good Food HD (280) will be known as Christmas Good Food, Christmas Good Food +1 and Christmas Good Food HD 

GOLD will also be temporarily rebranded to Christmas GOLD (126) and Christmas GOLD +1 (127)

The force is with Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror (411) and Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HD (441), as they will be called Sky Star Wars and Sky Star Wars HD.

Sky Sports F1 (517) and Sky Sports F1 HD (507) will become Sky Darts and Sky Darts HD, as fan of the arrows can catch the biggest darts event of the year – The William Hill World Darts Championships which start on Thursday 17th December, with the final on Sunday 3rd January.

Temporary name changes from January 5th 2016
Sky Movies Greats jumps into a phone booth, dons a cape and becomes Sky Superhero and Sky Superhero HD

Name change from January 12th 2016
Sony Entertainment Television - channel 193 - will be changing its name to Sony Channel

And finally...

Extreme Sports on channel 525 will be unavailable from 31st December 2015 at 6am. This is a decision taken by the channel provider to remove the channel and cease broadcasting in the UK. Any recordings will be available for playback for 3 months.