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TV Anywhere, what a joke!

I currently have the XL package and this joke of an application you call Anywhere, it is anything but and you should be sued for for false advertising. To state that I am unhappy would be an understatement.

I cannot watch on Google Chrome because you cannot be bothered updating your Apps (Don't blame google for this, I am a professional software developer with 16 years of experience behind me) due to Google dropping NPAPI.

I cannot watch it on Firefox because the video keeps blacking out, and I have tried updating all my codecs and drivers and no go. Even when I do get the Video to work, I cannot chromecast out of the box.

I cannot watch on Opera browser either, because NPAPI isn't supported on there either.

I will not use IE Explorer, so do not even bother suggesting this pile of crap on me.

I tried to use EDGE, but I keep getting an error on there because I get the error Device Limit Reached' **bleep**?!

So the only Browser I can watch it on, I still can't because of video issues, and even if I did, the fact that Firefox will also be dropping NPAPI in the near future will mean I won't be able to use this app.

It's about time that your developers moved on and stopped blaming Google for this.


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Re: TV Anywhere, what a joke!

Hi Zaquria,


Thanks for posting!


I'm really sorry for the trouble you've had trying to use TV Anywhere.


I've added another device change so you can try using Edge again. I also apologise for the unsupported browsers, I know this is frustrating. It is something we're working on so hopefully we'll have some good news on that in the future.


All the best! Smiley Very Happy



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