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Suspended service despite bill being paid

Just been happily streaming netfix and my connection dropped checked status and account was suspended now I had a issue of being over credit limit this morning so phoned up and service was reconnected imeiditly after paying £135 bringing account up to date yet as of midnight tonight my services are susspened again and now face a festive period with no internet phone or t.v and it appears the accounts team is closed over xmass thanks virgin a number of the gifts bought for my son relied on net connection anyone know of a way I can rectify this quickly?
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Re: Suspended service despite bill being paid

Hi Rich1977,


Thank you for taking the time out to reach the Team and Community. I would like to help here and just would like to ask if the services have resumed, it can take up to 24 hours at times?


I'm sorry that this has come at such a crucial time and hope that your son was able to get the most out of his games in the end.


Keep in touch.



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