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Smt-2110C Upgrade

Hi Folks at Virgin Media,

I have a question about your upgrade policy in regards to updating old equipment used for a while. I currently have the above Samsung Vbox and am wandering if this is due to be upgraded to a newer model and  if there would be a cost. Asking as a technician came out not too long ago to look into an issue with my router and instead of fixing the existing router instead installed a Superhub1 which was newer then the old model router i had before.

The main issue with the Smt-2110C is that it's old, gets fairly warm and does not allow access to use channels such as the netflix/ youtube channel/app which I would like to use.

Figure there's no harm in asking, If you need extra info please send me a message Smiley Happy 

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Re: Smt-2110C Upgrade

The standard upgrade is the Cisco VHD, but this does not allow access to apps like Netfix. So, if you are interested in these a TiVO is required. As no doubt you are on a legacy package, I would advise phoning Retentions (150 option 4 then 5) & re-negotiating your package in its entirety. This would trigger an automatic upgrade to TiVO, & at least a Superhub 2 or 2ac as part of the deal.


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