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Slow TV - Slow Broadband - And another week before it's fixed !!

Just moved from SKY to Virgin and allready i have problems with my service. No on Demand (don't work) just keeps showing "NETWORK ERROR," my shows takes upto 1 minute just to load and 75% of them wont play due to "NETWORK ERROR." I have phoned VM and they tell me sorry but we have a fault "F00491596" in your error and it will not be fixed until 12th December !! The Broadband is slower than the old "DIAL UP" service i had 15 years ago !!!! My real issue is that my bill at the end of the month will be for a full months service that i just haven't had for the last 2 weeks and I still have to wait another week yet before it's fixed !! A very unhappy newbie virgin media customer...I should have stayed with SKY im thinking !!

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Re: Slow TV - Slow Broadband - And another week before it's fixed !!

Hi Smithtrevor,

Thank you for posting,
I am sorry to read that you have experienced some interruptions on the TV and Broadband services in the home. After having a look at the connection and running some tests, it's clear to see that there are some issues that would need to be looked at and adjusted by and engineer.

If you can have a little look inside your Inbox, you'll see I've sent you a Private Message. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope.

Speak to you soon and welcome into the Community.

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