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Sky movies shortlist

Hello people ive had my tivo box a few days and had a question..
I got sky movies free for six months and downloaded the sky movies iphone the app i can pick a movie and add it to a shortlist of all the movies i there a way of doing that on the tivo box?thanks for your time..
Also if a moderater is on can i cancel a engineer visit for monday as my broadband and router problem has ironed itself out itself..

Cable customer from its inception in 80's in Birmingham .have never missed a bill package is big kahuna xl tv..200mb internet..and free sky movies for 6 months..+tivo box.
Ps4 & Amazon firestick.
+size 9 feet..iphone 7 plus..
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Sky movies shortlist

Hi Dereklad,

Thanks for coming by Smiley Happy

To answer your question about creating a shortlist via TiVo®, there is no shortlist facility but the nearest equivalent will be the wish List feature.  You can create a Wish List and input any key words of movie titles, actor/ess etc and it will automatically record for you if it's scheduled to show on any channel you subscribe to.

Here's a useful article about Setting up a WishList search on my TiVo® box which I hope will be helpful for you.

I can see your appointment has already been cancelled so I hope all is ok now for you with the Broadband service.  

We're here to help if you need us again in the future.

Collette Smiley Happy

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