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Sky Sports Season Ticket

Just a final call really before the season starts to see if anyone has managed to purchase one and/or got sufficient money off their bill to get an equivalent to this fine offer.


As it stands, Sky Sports is too expensive and if I did have it, then I'd only have it for a few months or so. BUT, if they did this offer then I'd willingly pay the costs upfront for 10 months. 


Means I'd be giving more money to Virgin/Sky - as although I'd be getting it at a discount, I'd still be paying more because I wouldnt unsubscribe after 2 months.

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Re: Sky Sports Season Ticket

The only platform being allowed to offer the season ticket outside Sky this year is TalkTalk. By some wierd coincidence TalkTalk is the only TV platform offering all the Sky Sports channels but not BT Sports.


Cable customer since 1993. Services: FH TV, Sky Sports & Movies (2xV+), Talk Unlim Telco, VIVID 100, Virgin PAYG Mobile


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Re: Sky Sports Season Ticket


TalkTalk's new Sky Sports Season Ticket add-on is good for the nine-month Premier League season and costs just £11 a month, or 92p a match. That compares favourably to the cost of getting Sky Sports through Sky itself (which costs £25.50 a month), as well as other providers like Virgin Media (£29.95), BT (£22) and Now TV (£31.99).


£11/month sounds very good.   Better than the £150 last year's season ticket with VM.

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