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Sky Sports Reg after win8 to win10 updtae

Hi, After completing win8 to win10 update my VM online TV still worked for my PC, however Win10 says I have reached my limit using Firefox, when using Sky Sports online At this point I went into VM and re-registered the PC (deleted and added), However this made no difference. I can not now re-try as it says I have to wait until 1st March to try again. Can yo please help.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Sky Sports Reg after win8 to win10 updtae

Hi dowsettd,
I'm sorry to hear you are having an issue re-adding your device for use with the Sky apps. 
If you updated the OS then you would need to re-register your device. It's easy to do though so don't worry.
The TV Anywhere and Sky platforms are separate and therefore not synced so any changes made to one, also need to be made to the other. 
You can manage the devices you have registered for use with the Sky platform by going to > My Profile > Sky Movies & Sky Sports. Make sure you are not selecting My Profile > Device Settings as this will only change the details for the TV Anywhere platform.
Keep me posted. 
Forum Team

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