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Sky Movies Package

Dear People, Can you explain to my 10 year old grand daughter why when I cancelled my movie package I was also denied access to films I had previously recorded. I must have missed that sub paragraph in your terms and conditions and it certainly wasn't mentioned when I telephoned to cancel

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Re: Sky Movies Package

Yes - but you may have to intervene to reduce this to even more simplicity.

What you recorded you don't own. The recordings remain the property of the copyright holders. They have only given you a licence to record and view again. They have not your become your property.

When you cease to pay the rights holders through the cancellation of your subscription they withdraw their permission for you to watch what they still own but which they have allowed you to record and over which they are entitled to continued remuneration.

What you were or were not told is a matter for you and VM to resolve but it doesn't undermine the basic principles of the explanation.

Sorry that your first visit to the Forum leaves you with bad news.


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Re: Sky Movies Package

Yeah DRM is wonderful isnt it?


Same as the streaming music services, yeah you have "free" access to all that music, until you stop paying a monthly subscription and you realise you didn't actually own any of it..


Quite a cunning business model, continue to pay indefinitely  for "content" or lose all access. I wonder why the pirate sites do so well?


NOT a dig at VM, rather the content providers who seem to think a monthly subscription for the rest of your life to watch regurgitated trash is "the future".  Those guys suck. Down with those guys. Support the independents!





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