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Sky Cinema HD Movies missing

Hello, is there any reason that not all the movies are in the HD section?

There are hardly any compared to the SD versions when browsing on the TiVo box.


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Re: Sky Cinema HD Movies missing

I have been told on this forum that due to some testing behind the scenes the HD versions will only be available 30 days after initial screening.
Now this 'testing' has been going on all of 2016 and quite simply is not acceptable.
We pay for extra for HD and therefore should have them in HD the difference is very noticeable if it wasn't then I wouldn't be paying extra for HD.
The issue now though is they have dropped the HD charge for Sky Cinema from 1st August so will say tough.

I urge you to call them like I have and the people on the call claimed to not know anything about it but gave me some discount for a few months.
I will be calling them again as how can it be acceptable to have something like 20-30% of the films available in HD compared to the SD?
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