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Set top box gets stuck in bootup

Hi my top box gets stuck in bootup with "AP53" on the display after switching on.


This continues until after 3-4 reboots. When the set top box does boot up it makes a noise and the picture is all over the place for a few seconds.

Ive had an engineer out on two occasions. The first engineer removed something from the box that regulates the signal frequency (i think). Anyway the second engineer came out and replaced the box, still the problem persists.


If anybody has any help for this issue it would be appreciated if you could tell me how/if you got it resolved. ""Thanks in advance"".

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Re: Set top box gets stuck in bootup

Hi there joe18425, 


Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums. I'm really to hear that you are continuing to get these errors even though you've had two technicians call out already. 


I've run some testing on your set top boxes this morning and can see no issue on them at all, is the problem you see a random issue which eventually gets fixed on it's own?


Please let me know. 


Many thanks and apologies again



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