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Series Link reverts from HD

So I set up Series Link for match of the day each and every Saturday night.

1st week works great records BBC1 HD

2nd week reverts to BBC1 (not HD)

Series link does the first recording fine, but then each subsequent recording records in SD.

I have a 65" TV, anything but HD, makes it look like your viewing through tissue paper......why or why does this happen, am I doing something wrong?????

If I go into the series link I can force it to HD, and then the following week its back to SD.

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Re: Series Link reverts from HD

There should be no reason why this happens - only thing I could think might cause it is if you've got two series links set up, one for the SD channel and one for the HD channel. I would think that TiVo would only record one showing as it recognises it is the same programme, but depending on the recording priority might use the SD link ahead of the HD one

Go to Home > My Shows & Recordings > Manage My Series links, and cancel any listing for Match of the Day. Then find this Saturday's listing via the Guide on BBC One HD and set the series link from there
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