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Series Link+ and Netflix

Series Link+ is rather handy and, the slowing of my TiVo to a crawl aside, I find it quite useful being able to bring my recordings, catch-up and Netflix shows together.

I have noticed, however, that it often takes quite a while (as in several days) for shows on Netflix to get picked up by Virgin.

For instance, the second series of 'Detectorists', for which I have a Series Link+ set up, and watched series one through, has been available on Netflix for a few days now, but according to the information for the show there are no series two episodes available (and therefore they do not show in 'my shows)'. Another example is the new 'Dirk Gently' series, which doesn't come up on a search at all, despite being live on Netflix.

I can, of course, go and watch these show directly on Netflix, but it seems a shame that Series Link+ does not pick up new shows and plonk them in 'my shows' which, after all, is kind of the point of it.

As I say, it's a handy thing (would be even better with Amazon Prime in there too - please Virgin!) but it's a bit flaky on this particular feature.

Anyone else get this?

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