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Second box price

So I have a 500Gb tivo box wirh xl pack and sky sports and movies. I'd like a second box in a bedroom. It has not got to be a tivo box. How much would it cost to have the same channels and second box rental? I would look on the Virgin website but each time I go to offers and upgrades the page just displays an oops something went wrong message. Also as the second box would be above the lounge I pressume the cable would be run outside. Do the engineers put the cable in conduit or just run it up the wall.
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Re: Second box price

A second non recording box would be the VHD. This is available for £49 installation, & will add another £6.50 to your monthly rental. VHD boxes work on an older firmware platform, & do not have an internet modem. So while your will get the same SD & HD linear channels as the TiVO, the OD content is more restricted, & there are no app based services.

As it has caused confusion before, I will also point out that you cannot stream recordings between a TiVO & a VHD box. Inter-box streaming is only available between TiVO boxes.

A splitter in the omni-box outside & a cable externally would be the preferred option, but just like your bog-standard external TV aerial cables, they wont be covered up.


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