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Scheduling probs on Tivo

HI, I'm new here so please forgive me if this is already a well known issue or if i'm being thick. I have two major problems when trying to schedule recordings on the Tivo. One is that if I want to record a programme at a time when there are others already scheduled, I am quite happy to look for an alternative showing and record that instead of the first showing. However, if I do that and series link it, it just picks up the one the following week which appears first. If my alternative is at 4 am and I am happy with that , how do I set it up to record that showing EVERY Week. Also, I have a programme on Monday evenings ...Bundesliga football highlights...which is repeated on Saturday mornings. I only want the Monday one...I've tried everything to get it to stop recording to Saturday one, but it just refuses to! 

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Re: Scheduling probs on Tivo

With TiVo, you have to let it do its thing. It will find an appropriate repeat if it can.

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Re: Scheduling probs on Tivo

Try going to Modify Wish List and set the "record NEW only" option.

This should help to cut out any repeats.

There is also a manual record option which may solve one or two other problems. 

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Re: Scheduling probs on Tivo

In your case, as cruising says above, I think that a manual recording would be your best bet as long as the programme is shown at the same time and on the same day each week.

Home -> My Shows & Recordings -> Manual Recording


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Re: Scheduling probs on Tivo

I may be off-base here, but a post I made in another thread recently appears to also be relevant here...

In short, in Tivo land you don't have series links for particular showings or timeslots. You have series links for shows. You order the priorities for those series links within the "manage my series links" screen, Tivo does the rest.

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