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Schedule changes

I work on Sunday mornings, and was looking forward to watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix this afternoon, only to find when I returned home, that the BBC had done it again and switched the GP from BBC1 to BBC2.  I am not very happy with the BBC right now.

My question is how quickly to the TV companies tell people like Virgin and Sky of changes so that you can update the set top boxes.  I assume from the fact that the tennis is recorded, but the information says it's F1, then I suppose not that quickly.

Should the BBC be allowed to do this sort of thing anymore, considering that a LOT of people have PVR's these days and would expect that what they want to record will get recorded.


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Re: Schedule changes

The beeb would have to send the info change to virgin who would have to update all of their head ends and the squirt it down to peoples boxes during an update, the tivo has more updates than the V boxes but it can still ,iss the tivos depending on when they changed their mind and when the update for a particular box was scheduled.

As for being "allowed" to get away with it try complaining and you will find they do not care, nor do they care about sticking to any of the schedules as far as they're concerned everyone should be watching it live or on IPlayer



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