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Removing Sky Cinema

I joined up to Virgin in October and was offered a Sky Cinema offer as part of the initial package. The offer ends after three months and I'm not planning to keep the subscription to Sky Cinema after this time as I don't use it enough to justify the extra expense. When do I need to tell Virgin I want to remove Sky Cinema to ensure I keep it for the offer period but don't go over this time and incur extra charges? One member of the Customer Service team said I need to give 30 days notice, whilst another said I can just phone up on the day the offer ends..... Thanks for your help!

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Re: Removing Sky Cinema

Hi Cahr_90,


Many thanks for your message, I hope you're well Smiley Happy


Thank you for choosing to enjoy the Sky Cinema for that period of time, if you;re looking to end that particular package with no charge it would be best to call up 30 days prior to end of the deal and cancel that deal then as it takes 30 days to cancel Smiley Happy


If you need help on doing this, please call us on 150/ 0345 454 1111.


Keep in touch.


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