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Re: In the Military Leaving Virgin Media

Was wondering if anyone can help me with some info please. I have been informed that I am to be Posted to Canada before the end of the Virgin Contract. Having phoned 3 times, I haven't made any head way at all. I am constantly being fobbed off and told to call back the month before we are due to move and there will be an £88 disconnection fee. This also happens when I ask to speak to a Supervisor....HELP, I am ready to throttle someone!!!!!

At the end of the day, it is not through any fault of my own that I cannot complete the contract as I am a soldier and I go where the Army tells me to go. I had no idea that a Posting to Canada would ever happen (glad it has though). 

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Re: In the Military Leaving Virgin Media

As OP had a positive result, and VM publicise their support for the Armed Forces Covenant, one would have to assume that there is some failure to communicate this to 1st line support.


Surely it should not be beyond the wit of someone in VM to provide a point of contact specifically for these issues and route them round 1st line, who clearly cannot comprehend the issue?


In the meantime if any of the people involved have not tried the "standard advice for anything marginally complicated",




Thinking of leaving us


During business hours


Should put you through to the on-shore support team, maybe they can fathom out the right button to press to help out?