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Why when you phone virgin about a fault do they not listen to you, can they not deviate from the script, they also continually try to tell us what we have when they are wrong, eg the cable to our house ranges from a fibre to a multi core, no it's a coax shotgun cable with a two pair copper cable, it's also not buried completely in the garden. We have three TVs boxes, if all three are out and I move one to the incoming cable and get nothing it's a sure bet the fault is outside the house. Need I say more !
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Re: Problems

Hey Paul,

If you're just having a rant, rant away! If you're looking for some support from the forum team, I would post as much information about the fault and what you've done to troubleshoot the issue. Should skip the inevitable post from a staff member asking you the same questions that you've already been asked and might help you get the issue resolved quicker Smiley Happy

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