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Price rise 2016!!!

Woke up today to a letter from virgin telling me my service was going up by £3.99 a month as of February 2016!!!.I'm absolutely disgusted tbh and want to know detailed reasons for this price rise as I believe it to be totally unacceptable.
The last price rise of £2.99 that came into effect a few months ago was bad enough but,to a point understandable with the addition of BT sport Europe and the amount of football on offer.however this new price rise is pushing my package up to £78.99 which is absolutely disgusting and represents an £84 a year price from what my package was in September.
I'd also like to point out that my broadband is,has and always will be well below the advertised over 2 years of being a virgin media customer I have never had above 55mbp speed which is ridiculous considering I pay for up to 152mb.that's a third of what is available.also its disgusting that your upload speed is limited to 12mb,I mean seriously why is that??
Your TV,broadband and phone packages are well and truly out of date and need a complete your top package the rest are unbelievably dire and offer a very poor choice.
Also why if you want TV and broadband only does it cost more?I've never had a home phone but still have to pay rental on a line I NEVER use.
It's about time you started offering your customers some better options because quite frankly your packages,service and broadband absolutely reek!!
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Re: Price rise 2016!!!

if you are so unhappy the price rise gives you the right to cancel. i recommend youy do if your unhappy with what VM offer as its not likely to change.
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Re: Price rise 2016!!!

Ring up retentions.... did it for my parents and actually got a slight reduction without loss of any service (the day after BB upgrade too).
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Re: Price rise 2016!!!

Another rise on the way in November...   

... however, it seems illogical that line rental and TV package increases are to improve broadband.   Also I have no need of ultrafast broadband, 50 Mbps is more than adequate.  I guess I can do the line rental saver to defer the cost.  Or leave.  

Over five million Virgin Media customers will pay an average 5.1pc more from November after the firm announced its third price rise of the year.

It is increasing the cost of a number of its TV packages by up to £3.49 per month. Line rental will increase by £1.01 to £19 per month.

Some customers will have to pay up to £42 more a year under the changes.

Under rules set by Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, existing customers are able to leave without penalty if they are unhappy with the higher cost, as long as they joined after 23 January 2014.

Those who wish to leave have 30 days from when they receive details of the price change to inform Virgin Media that they wish to cancel.

Virgin Media blamed the increases on its continued investment in its ultrafast broadband network

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