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Price is wronge

In July some one from Virgin media called me.
She offered me that if I add broadband to my existing services then I have to pay 38£ each month.
Now, I noticed that I pay 64.99 £ each month.
I called them, I asked them to listen to my telephone call with this employee again.
They refused to listen to it.
They said you were agreed that you have to pay 64.99 £ .
But I am sure that she did not mention any thing about 64.99£
I double checked with her three times, I asked her "is it 38£"
She said "yes"
She did not say anything about 64.99£
I called them three times
They said" we have contract here and you agreed with it"
I said" where is your evidence that proves I agreed"
I said" I am sure that I was told it is 38 £."
I said" i am responsible for my speech, you can listen to the telephone call again"
They don't agree to listen to it.
It is so rude.
If some one call you from trusted company and say to you " it is just 38£ "
She did not said that your price will be increased.
She said it is 38£
I am responsible for my speech
But they dont take it into account
They just ignore my and say me a same thing again and again
I dont know what to do
I am really sure that i was told it is 38 pound
They can check the recorded call in their system .
I asked them to check it but they don't accept my request
They just say you were agreed
I said " where is your evidence"
If they checked that I was told I have to pay 64.99£ /month then I will pay it cause i am a man of my word
But they can not prove it
Because i am sure that I am told it is 38 pound
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