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Price Increase (twice in ONE year) REALLY?

Received yet another letter from Virgin Media about them putting the price up… so since I scan everything … I thought I’d look back over the years.




That’s a total of £13.25 per month since 2013! Shocking when you think I don’t even watch TV. Okay… perhaps I’m on a rant here…

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Re: Price Increase (twice in ONE year) REALLY?

And the latest increase is to force feed you even more BT Sports channels that you also will not watch. You need to protest. Phone VM for free on 150 (from a VM phone line) and select options to get through to "thinking of leaving us". Nothing will change until people start getting up and protesting and complaining directly.

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Re: Price Increase (twice in ONE year) REALLY?

when you consider that inflation has been at 0-1 percent,

my broadband has gone up 50% nominal percentage points in the same time 100-150mb which is something
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Re: Price Increase (twice in ONE year) REALLY?

Couldn't agree more it's disgraceful. I was seriously thinking of leaving last year but Virgin offered the sports kahuna bundle which saved me about £15 per month so I signed up for that, when it finished though, first I got hit with the Feb increase and now the Sept rise is looming.  When I took the kuhuna deal my package was still under £100/mth, from Sept it will be £112, which is way too much (I don't have movies, I don't have sky sport HD, the super fast bb is nowhere near as fast as Virgin claim and I dont have multi-room).

Virgin used to be the best value and had some good free enhancements. Now it seems to be the most expensive by far so unless you really want all the BT channels (were initially offered free) then it's probably time to ring around.

Seems to me they are just getting greedy and relying on customers paying the increases every time.

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