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Premium add-on packages

I have the TV XL package with the following Premium add-on packages:

Skymovie2, SkyMovie1,Sports1 (as 1 package) and Sports2 costing £38.75 pm. Can you please tell me which channels are in each and the split of the £38.75 please?

Thank you

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Re: Premium add-on packages

Hi RichG1,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


We're not able to give specific breakdown of your bills here via the forum.


What I can tell you though is for the complete Movies and Sports collection as a new customer, you would be paying £39.25 so looks as though you are currently getting a little saving Smiley Happy 


Split wise, it's not as simple as there are a few different options. 


> For just the whole Sky Sports collection it's £31.75 per month. 

> For just the whole Sky Movies collection it's £21.00 per month.

> For both of these together you get a discount so you only pay £39.25 per month for both collections. 


We also offer the option of adding the Sports channels separately in 2 bundles. 


> Sky Sports 1 is £21.50 per month.

> Sky Sports 2 is £21.50 per month. 


Hope that helps to explain things a little more for you Smiley Happy



Forum Team

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