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Postcode not recognised on cable my street


I have moved to a new build home and cannot register interest on cable my street as it does not recognise the postcode (UB10 0GJ).

The postcode is already registered at the Royal Mail.

I know that the neighbours on the new estate definitely already have virgin on their street (UB10 0FX). Plus I have seen a virgin installation van and team at my neighbours house a few doors down (same postcode as me).

However, Virgin will not come to my property as the postcode is not recognised on their system. Virgin just told me to register interest online. Which It won't let me do!

Please can someone let me know if you've faced similar problems with new builds and new postcodes? And how long it is usually takes for the postcodes to appear?

Also, as the virgin cables are on a neighbours street on the same new build development, but for some reason not on ours, then is it likely Virgin will extend their network to our street?

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Re: Postcode not recognised on cable my street

Q. Did the builder advertise the property as Virgin Media ready. Do you have an external brown box on the wall & internal pre-wiring for Virgin?

If you have then the postcode checker has not been updated.

If the answer to the above is no, then the likelihood is the builder of your part of the estate did not go into partnership with Virgin Media. The ducting in the street will not be in place, & any further digging up of the newly laid paths & roads (apart from emergency works) will be banned for an agreed period.

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