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Poor Standard of Customer Service

It seems Virgin's Customer Service Employees consider a £5 discount to sign a 18 month contract a "great deal" and they won't match Sky's offers for tv and phone and broadband, after 14 years I will be leaving for a better deal elsewhere.  I will have to make sure all of the equipment is listed on the return form to avoid any further fees.

Expected Better.

W Ward

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Re: Poor Standard of Customer Service

Not sure I understand why you expected better ....

As like any company, Virgin have shareholders which expect a return of profit, so matching Sky for prices would be a dangerous move. Sky are by far (I believe) a larger company who can afford to offer less.

I did a comparison last week from what I had with Virgin vs the same from sky, and there was around £6 difference (in Sky's favour), but then the Broadband speeds from Virgin meant I have stayed with them. - Sky do give more channels, but then just how many can one person actually watch?

I would try calling retentions again though before throwing in the towel and see if they can up the offer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that ......
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Re: Poor Standard of Customer Service

Virgin got good customer service ratings last year, but have they got that bad? BT is the most expensive and I have to wait for my virgin installation (2nd appointment now coz the engineer coz cancelled!! Go on my post for more details please) I'm already having a bad feeling about switching to virgin!! Should I stay with a BT Line based provider? Not BT but you know like Sky or TalkTalk? And after the first year, do they lower any prices? I've only got 50mb broadband and Talk Unlimited (I don't use the house phone, mum does and a lot lol) I would be paying in my contract for 12 months on a 12 month contract 30.99. Do you think I'll be able to lower that down next year?? And I have a cousin on Sky and she has everything with them (Fibre broadband up to 40Mb and Unlimted calls and the Variety TV pack and she's only paying £42.40 which I find really cheap!!) Tbh she said Sky every year are able to lower down the prices! I'm not saying join Sky for everything but maybe consider your budget? Broadband wise I would stay with Virgin media, and keep your line rental with Virgin coz it works out cheaper as well, and just change your TV package to sky. It would cost a bit more but it might go down well worth it. And Sky customer services is top notch!! Unless Virgin brings it down to a nearer match (if it's like a pound extra just take it because one bill from one provider is the best coz you don't have to have lots of Direct Debits, well I don't like too many but I myself have Sky Tv and Virgin phone line and broadband and am paying 50.99 for everything added together and tbh I have no problem in paying that, I used to be with BT phone and Internet before, well still am until the 6th and they're rubbish!!)

Sorry about this REALLY long reply but try reading through it please.
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