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I'm new around here.  I had my Virgin TV installed today Tivo and HD+ box +Vivid 200 router in another room on the second feed.

The main tivo box is fine however I'm suffering very poor signal on the second box causing pixelation.

I have switched the boxes around and the issue follows the longer cable to the second room.

Tivo box is direct from the road connection splitter and then about a 50cm cable.  The V+ HD and Router are on a run of about 14m from the road splitter where the second splitter then feeds the V+ HD box and router.

I know it is poor signal by the tests I've completed.  I put the direct feed on the 12m cable and the splitter onto the 50cm cable.  The 50cm cable still works well(almost as good) and the second V+ HD on the 14m has improved but there is still some pixcelation on a number of channels. 

The questions I have are:
- is it possible for Virgin to change/improve the signal put onto the line from the exchange?
- Is a 14m run to a second splitter too long?- do I need higher quality co-ax cable
- do I need an amplifier?




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Re: Pixelation

Hi BlueKoi, 


Welcome to the Community, we're really pleased that you dropped in Smiley Happy


I'm very sorry that the TV has been showing pixelation on the TV viewing, it's never great when this happens.


I was able to run some preliminary test and I can see that the signals in the TiVo aren't working as they should be and would need adjusting. I would like to send out an engineer to help remedy the situation and I've sent you a 'Private Message', you can find this by clicking on the little purple envelope near the top right of the page.
Stay in touch and have a great day.

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