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We are getting dreadful pixelation, at times we can only watch HD channels as regular channels are dreadful. Have rebooted, changed HDMI leads, changed power surge extention leads and changed TV (Only to a small screen) all to no avail. Picture WAS excellent as TV can upscale. Would like to avoid a total reset as I assume this will wipe all recordings as there's no way to save them due to copy right laws.

Also wifi seems bad at times, there are only 2 adults in the household with maximum 2 tablet 2 mobiles and 1 TV on the go at any one time, result can be buffering on Youtube and poor wifi calling via mobile. We are on virgins highest broadband speed!!! Signal strength maybe???

Any suggestions???



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Re: Pixelation

Hi Kevinbloke,


Thanks for posting and I'm sorry to hear your having trouble with pixelation on your DTV and WiFi issues on your broadband.


I've managed to locate your details and run some checks and the box doesn't seem to be reporting back correctly which may be an indication of the problems you're seeing. I would like to arrange for one of our engineers to pop around and have a look at this for you so I will send you a private message (purple envelope top right) to discuss this further.


In regards to your broadband trouble the test results don't show any issues with signals coming into the property. The WiFi trouble is more than likely related to the channel number the WiFi currently set on or possibly some other factors. I'd recommend having a look at our help page article Getting the best Wireless Network Signal which shows you how to adjust this. if there are still issues then I would suggest posting back on the broadband boards so the community has a chance to offer some assistance.


Speak soon



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