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PIN freezing - on demand

Why does my PIN keep freezing?  I've been trying to watch stuff I've recorded and my remote control won't let me enter the numbers - nothing comes up.


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Re: PIN freezing - on demand

Hi BernieN,

Welcome to our community and thanks for coming by Smiley Happy

I wanted to pop by and see how things are today with the pin function.  I hope all is working ok for you, if it isn't try the following steps:

*  Reboot the box to refresh things over (If not tried already).  This can fix most issues.

*  If a reboot hasn't fixed this, try a service connection.  This will ensure the box is all up to date.  To do this follow: HOME > HELP & SETTINGS > SETTINGS > NETWORK > CONNECT TO MY VIRGIN MEDIA SERVICE NOW.

This process will take usually a few minutes but can take longer.  If you have tried this out and you still can't enter the pin number afterwards, let me know and I can help further.

Keep me posted, I'm here to help if you need me.

Collette Smiley Happy

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