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Over Before It Started...

Well, I've finally cancelled my installation several months after signing my contract.

Virgin, for me, are over before they even started. A complete mess, with broken promises, pushed back dates and no communication.

If this is how people are treated *before* they are customers, I dread to think how they treat their current customers.

In short:

I used to have Virgin Media, some time ago, but when I moved house nearly two years ago I found that the area was not cabled. Reluctantly I took Sky via a dish, which I'd never wanted and is prone to being affected by the weather rather too often.

Around September/October last year I decided to call Virgin again to see if there were any plans to cable the area. Happily they said yes, they could now provide their services, they would just now need to install another cable.

After discussing various packages I decided to go ahead with an acceptable deal that included a TiVo, broadband and phone. I signed my contract in late October, and was told that work should be completed 'by the new year' and that they would let me know.

As the new year rolled around, I had not heard anything, so I called about 9th/10th of Jan to be told that, co-incidentally, work had been scheduled for the 12th so I should get a call shortly after that to book an installation date.

I am retired and tend to be home often, so I did see the engineer arrive an the 12th, setup on on the road, and have terrible trouble with lorries who needed access. He eventually gave up and left.

I called back a couple of days later, as he had not returned, to be told that the engineer had been unable to complete the cabling so it would need to be re-arranged for a weekend and that they would let me know.

After not hearing anything again I called a week or so later to be told that the work now had an expected completion date of 6th. As the 4th and 5th were weekend days I assumed that they would attend then, but no, I saw an engineer arrive on Monday 6th, set up, then almost immediately pack up and leave. There was no time to do anything.

I called on Tuesday 7th and asked what was going on. Had the work been completed? I was promised a call back the next day.

By the end of Wednesday 8th I had not had a call, so I called in the evening to find out what the state of play was. A very nice lady said it was too late to speak to the construction team now as they had all gone home. This didn't explain why I had not had a call already, but she personally promised to follow this up herself and call me back on Thursday to give me an update.

I just wanted to know was the work now done. I wasn't after an installation date, just some info, but if the work was now not going to be done for several more weeks I was seriously considering cancelling. Not just because of the delays but because of the lack of info and the fact that I was doing all the chasing.

So, I waited for the call on Thursday (yesterday). No call. I waitied until 4.30 today (Friday) and still no call. So I called again. This is my third call this week, and so far I have been given no answers, only promises to call me back which never happens (even when someone apparently takes ownership of it.

I get through to someone today and explain the issue. He puts me on hold for 5 or 6 minutes, so I get more of that music I now know by heart. BOC, Rick Astley, ad infinitum. He comes back to tell me that 'someone' would call me on Monday to give me an update. No, sorry, I say, that's not good enough. I've been told that before. We are still in reasonable working hours, I'd like have a straight answer please - has the work been done? Who had he spoken to for those 5/6 minutes? Eventually he admits that a 'foreman' wouldn't answer his phone, apparently because it was a 'Friday'. So, he's knocked off early? Does no-one else know? It's a simple question, to which I've been searching an answer ALL WEEK.

He *promises* to *personally* ensure that I get a call on Monday. He practically begs me to give them "one more chance". But, I say, that's what I'm doing now. This is your last chance after the "promises" to "personally" deal with it. I just want an answer now: has the work been done? Can you answer that?

No, he couldn't.

Last straw, had enough. Fed up of calling and calling, listening to that music over and over again, never getting calls back, never getting straight answers, promises, please please please give us one more chance. Sick of it.

So I cancelled. I wasn't rude, just stuck to my guns and kept saying no, no more chances. He got a bit off with me, actually, at the end. Well, sorry to wasting your time, old chap.

So, thanks for messing me about Virgin. I don't think I'll bother, thanks.Goodbye and thanks for nothing.

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Re: Over Before It Started...

A very lucid and well-written account.
in my opinion this perfectly demonstrates where/ how VM has gone 'off the rails'...

No customer loyalty recognition
Unable to contact via email. :. (And this is a communications business!)
Left hand dos not appear to ever know what the right hand is doing ... or saying
No-one appears to be responsible for any particular problem and just 'standard replies' given - see this forum for examples of that!!!
treating customers as 'stupid' and understanding little...
What appears to be 'out-sourcing engineering ???

To cap it all their only plan seems to be to sign new customers up onto already over-utilized systems and still promising' fantastic' speeds that cannot be supplied often -if at all...

trying to 'outdo' SKY and BT with new boxes/services when those in situ do not meet the standards required now...

... ZVNK ...

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Re: Over Before It Started...

''No customer loyalty recognition''
Few companies do that these days. New customers get the best deals.

''Unable to contact via email''. :. (And this is a communications business!)
Not currently legally required for a company to have an email address. If you check around many of the big companies, they do not have email either.

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