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On Demand Movies

Every time I try to rent a new movie from On Demand, in ordinary SD format for £4.49, it doesn't let me rent the movie and gives the standard 'Error 319' message.  Spookily if I can't rent my movie in SD format, but then try to rent the same movie in HD format, which is 50p more, it works instantly!!!  If this is the standard with everyone who has a similar issue, how much money is Virgin Media making in extra 50p payments on each movie??? No wonder Richard Branson can afford to own a tropical island!!!  Has anyone else found this to be the case??? If so, maybe we should all consider a Class Action against Virgin Media to recover our money!!! I can't be the only person who is sick and tired of this poor service??? If you're reading this Virgin Media, either get it sorted, or come and remove your equipment from my house and refund me the entire cost dating back to my initial contract.  I have been a fiercely loyal customer since the system was initially brought in by Telewest, but seriously enough is enough!!! 

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