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Old V box, new tv has no scart

I have an old V box which connected to my old TV by scart. I now have new tv which only has hdmi input. Asked virgin media if they had a box that connected using hdmi instead and they wanted an extra fiver a month plus installation fee to supply me with tivo box. I have purchased a second hand tivo box from eBay. Anyone know if the smart card from my old V box will work in the tivo box. It constantly shows as starting up.
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Re: Old V box, new tv has no scart

I'm afraid you have been had by the eBay seller. All kit is 'rented' from VM. The old smart card won't work as the unique ID of the box you have been conned into acquiring needs to be paired to your VM account. Technically you have purchased 'stolen' property, but no need to get alarmed by that fact.

I believe there are adapters you can buy to convert the HDMI output to a scart connector, but not sure about the quality of picture this will give you.
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Re: Old V box, new tv has no scart

seen tvo boxes on ebay plenty of times and other would be good if a sticky is pinned somewhere or put onto the website to let people know about not buying boxes anywhere and only dealing with virgin.

as for the connectors. been there. they are tacky, not always cheap, don't often work and sourced from china or or eastern europe. i would get the tvo box direct from virgin if it were me. my last connector started burning.