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Offshore call centre

Just got offered a great bundle from virgin media today by post,letter says to call an 0800 number which i promptly did and after being passed about finally got to speak to sales on the third attempt.

Point iam trying to make is after finally getting through to someone i quickly realised they could only speak broken english and after half an hour of total frustration had to say goodbye.I did not do this lightly as it was a very good offer.To be fair i thnk she had trouble with my glaswegian accent as i had to repeat every thing i said at least three times and spell out every word even the account number took three attempts and i could barely understand her.

So angry as i feel i have missed the chance to rejoin VM with tv again but i just couldnt take anymore she even made me feel as though i was making the offer up when i had the letter in my hand and quoting it word for word,i naively thought VM would know what the sent out.

Ah,well c’est la vie...

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Re: Offshore call centre

Putting it bluntly, offshore are a right PITA. I do genuinely wonder what the perceived cost saving is versus the additional issues/lost custom resulting.

If you do still wish to try again 0345 454 1111 might be a better option, with the chance you'll get through to someone in the UK.

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