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Noisy Tivo Box

My Tivo Box continually rumbles away and can be heard over many programmes and worst of all when I am sitting reading or listening to a CD. There seem to be two elements to the noise, one is identical to an old Hard Drive rattling away, the other is a continuous machine noise. I have my box standing in the TV stand on a piece of rubber backed carpet to reduce the noise but it is getting really irritating. I have started turning unplugging it unless I am actually watching it but that rather destroys its recording ability. What can be done please?

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Re: Noisy Tivo Box

Hi ursa_major,

Welcome back to the community Smiley Happy

I would like to help get this checked out for you if that's ok?  You have already tried the basic steps of using some cushioning under the box which is great to see, if it's till running loudly above normal viewing levels then I will be happy to arrange for an engineer to call round for you.

I will send you a private message with further details, look for the  icon above.

Collette Smiley Happy

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