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No tv listings. Channels to be announced

Only been with virgin 11 days and for the past 3 days i cant see whats on .all it says is to be announced. I have tried everything that is being suggested on here but keep getting different error codes recent one is m59 but always says network cable is unplugged. Nothing has been touched . Cables all in . Tried ringing cant get through . Cant use the house phone to ring 150 because the stupid engineer put it right next to my tv where there is no spare plug sockets. Already using extention lead to capacity and i need to use a cordless phone . Anyway back to the subject of no listings .does anyone know what is going on because ive had enough . I left sky because of problems with the box. Ive got 3 more days left before the 14 day cancelation period and im thinking about it .
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