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No channel guide on tivo box

My Tivo box has decided to cut off the channel guide from this Saturday coming.  All channels show 'wait for announcement'.The box is working and you can watch live TV.  But I wanted to set up a couple of series links - and - thank you Virgin - I cannot.

I've tried going to Home and network settings and asking for the box to reconnect to the relevant server.  I've tried about five times But it won't. (it shows the connection was lost on August 26th & today is September 5th). I've turned my home router off and the tivo box off and powered up again to no avail.  Looks like an engineer will have to call (yet again) - unless some wizard out there can  offer a fix I  can perform myself.... Over to you who reads all this!  Thanks in anticipation!!!

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Re: No channel guide on tivo box

Unfortunately you're right in thinking you'll need an engineer out to sort this. Rebooting the TiVo box is pretty much the only thing you can do yourself. Also make sure the coax cables are screwed in tight.

Also rebooting the Superhub will have no effect on the TiVo box as it uses its own internal modem for online connectivity.

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Re: No channel guide on tivo box

Hi try pressing HOME, HELP and settings, network, click right select re connect to the virgin media network.Regards Micky
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Re: No channel guide on tivo box

Hi bromleyman


I'm so sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your TV guide lately, I've been able to locate your account to take a closer look and run some tests and we're not detecting any errors so I hope that means that the guide is working as it should? 


Look forward to hearing from you, we'll be here should you need any assistance moving forward.


Take care


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