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No Sky HD Cinema content on demand?

How is it that a family member can get around 90% Sky Cinema HD On Demand on his Sky+ HD box but I can only get 20% at best with the new added films like The Force Awakens, Crimson Peak, etc on my supposedly superior TiVo box? I've only been a Virgin customer for around 8 months and find that TiVo whilst can record multiple channels it's user profile and speed is appalling and very 'clunky' giving the user a very frustrating experience. I've heard there is a new TiVo box / Virgin 4K box on the horizon. Can anyone confirm this before I look into swapping to the new Sky Q box?
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Re: No Sky HD Cinema content on demand?

hiya @Jack01612 possible deals between sky and the distributors etc..which could limit the amount of films virginmedia has access to, as for the new Tivo box yes there is a 4K version ->
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Re: No Sky HD Cinema content on demand?

Basically since the beginning of this year they have drastically cut the HD content.
The official response I was given was that it was temporary due to testing behind the scenes.
Now the standard is HD films to only be there for 30 days from premiere but like you have pointed out The Force Awakens is not there so this now seems to be a new issue.....
Call them up complain as nothing is going to happen unless more people vocalise this.
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