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No Network/Media Service for 3+ weeks (C130) - should I be compensated?

There's been a fault in my area (KT2) for over 3wks now such that nothing can be recorded on my main Tivo box and I cannot even watch on-demand or catch-up content.  Every time I check my service status (online or call the CS) they advise the estimate for a fix is 'tomorrow'.....

My monthly bill's just come up for the full (usual) £140 so I called 150 to suggest just maybe they felt some form of compensation might be due.  Was somewhat flabbergasted to be told that being able to record programs, and accessing catch-up and on-demand content are all services provided by VM for 'free' as part of my overall 'XL' package, and as such the fact that they were now 'temporarily unavailable' didn't require them to offer any form of compensation.  After I suggested the girl speak with her manager I was offered £5 off my bill....

Am I being unreasonable to expect a larger compensation?

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Re: No Network/Media Service for 3+ weeks (C130) - should I be compensated?

Hi Ndavies4,


Thank you for your message, I'm so sorry that the C130 error has been appearing on your services in the home. After having a look at the connection and running some tests, it's clear to see that there are some issues one 2 or more boxes that would need to be looked at and adjusted by and engineer.

If you can have a little look inside your Inbox, you'll see I've sent you a Private Message. You can find this at the top right of the page, purple envelope.

Speak to you soon and welcome into the Community.

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