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No HD Sport or Movies on 2nd box

Hello Forum, my 1st ever post here. I've had a look through old topics and can't finding similar problems to mine. Just had the top package installed on Friday. When I built up my deal with the VM salesman, I was told I would get all channels that output HD, this included sports and movies (I have TV, Broadband and Phone all XL). Yesterday I had to call CS to get my TIVO box updated for sports & movies HD, which took 10mins. Today I'm watching on the 2nd box (V+) upstairs and the movies/sports HD channels are greyed out. Does anyone know if this should be HD as well, or does the 2nd box come as a reduced viewing package? Thanks in advance

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Re: No HD Sport or Movies on 2nd box

You need to phone customer services & make sure the second box is registered on your account as a V+ & not a VHD, which is the normal second box. Making this change will also mean you can make recordings on the V+.


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Re: No HD Sport or Movies on 2nd box

Hi Cbr6slider,


Welcome to the Community and posting for the first time Smiley Happy


I'd like to welcome you and also say thank you for taking the time to visit us. I can see that you've had some helpful advice from one of our resident Superusers here and agree on calling in. Have you been able to call in and have someone arrange for the HD Sport and Movies on the additional TiVo?


Please stay in touch Smiley Happy



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