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No Dolby 5.1 from HD Channels

Since around July of this year after a Virgin did a software update I have not been able to receive 5.1 Dolby Digital sound via the optical connection on the TiVo box.

VM solution is to change the setting to PCM so that you can receive sound at all, but this is really not acceptable as they are taking away a part of a service that I am paying for without any find of compensation.

After spending quite some time I have been able to fix the problem by buying a unit from Amazon that strips out the sound tfrom the HDMI signal and let's you pass this though an external amplifier or soundbar.

However, my issue is really why I have to pay for a service that has been taken away from me?.


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Re: No Dolby 5.1 from HD Channels

I to had a problem, however I solved it by connecting optical from amp direct to tv.

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