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Nightmare servicd

Hi all

Some help if anyone can....

Signed up to virgin on a 18 month deal only to have a much better deal come through the letterbox a few days later. Virgin swapped me over onto the newer 12 month deal.

We have since had constant issues with on demand working and a very Up and down service on broadband in Terms of speed. Paying for 200mb and sometimes getting just 15mb! Sometimes I get 180mb....

I haven't complained as much as I should as I don't have the time to sit on the phone to then constantly. They always say after reporting issues they will credit my account.....logged in today and nothing over the last few months been credited.

Asked about leaving and woman confirmed that I could pay 88 pounds to disconnect or wait until new year when my contracts up.

Called to terminate just this week only to be told I'm in contract for 18 months and was incorrectly advised on my last call.

Today I had a call to offer me a free new box at no cost. I confirmed again on the call there are no charges only to have an email with a new monthly price plan!!!

Worst customer service I have ever experienced!

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