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New VHD Install - Error 3005

Hi guys

I had Virgin Media services installed on December 3rd (TiVO in the living room, VHD in the 'man cave'). Everything was working fine for a few days, then the VHD box started getting Error 3005 (SmartCard not inserted). I did all the usual things like unplug the box, wait 30 seconds, plug it in... clean the contact on the card then re-insert it, which would fix it for several hours then it would come back...
I called 150 and an engineer was going to come out in 5 days (on a Thursday) but I cancelled it the night before as it hadn't done it for 3 days... low and behold, it is now doing it again - and takes anything from a few mins for it to pop up, to hours or even a day.

I have another engineer coming out this Thursday but I am betting it will self restore before his visit. Do you guys think it could be the box or the card that has the issue?

Also, the engineer who installed the line said that a team never went out before him to bury the line in preparation for his arrival, so he had to grab an unused cable from a neighbour and re-route it to our house and will raise a job for the line to be buried. As of yet, this hasn't happened and we have cable running across the garden. Is this normal? I've called about it and apparently someone will be out on January 7th to bury them... but nothing shows on my account.



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Re: New VHD Install - Error 3005

Hi WildWayz,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear that this error keeps making an appearance and disrupting the service.  I'll be happy to help check this out for you.


In relation to the exposed wiring I can see the appointment you have booked in for this.  It's a different crew that's been booked so it will explain why it's not showing on your account online.  


If you are still getting this error I will be happy to arrange for a fault engineer to call round and fix this for you.  I will send the details in a private message for you. (Look for the envelope icon above)


Collette Smiley Happy

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