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Netflix on Second Box

I have a second box (was told I can't have two Tivo record boxes but in another post I see someone says they have two Tivo boxes?). This second box is out of reach of the WiFi so I can't use an Amazon Firestick for Netflixs. Is there any way of getting the Netflixs app on the V-box. The only other solution I can see is to buy a Roku device that has an Ethernet input and use broadband via the mains using a TP-Link. I hope I am missing something obvious. Thanks

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Re: Netflix on Second Box

The only Virgin box that connects to Netflix is TiVO. The other boxes are old tech & not internet connectable. There is no reason you can't have a second TiVO (some customers have 3 on one installation). The only thing is that you will have to pay activation fees & an increased monthly cost.


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