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NO Prepaid Packaging Received


I am getting really fed up with the constant emails regarding me returning my virgin box.  I would return this if they would actually send me the prepaid packaging that they have promised.

Threatening to charge me if I dont return it.  Believe me, I want to send it back, I am fed up looking at it sitting in the corner waiting for packaging.

No number to call to speak to someone about this either.

Ridiculous, has others had this same harassment? I am thinking if this carries on, I may get in touch with BBC watchdog to see if this is a scam.

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Re: NO Prepaid Packaging Received

If you call into 150 / 0345 454 1111 and go with option 4 -> option 5 that will get you through to Customer Relations. Tell them about the situation and ask them to get the aforementioned packaging sent out to you (make sure they have the right address) as well getting the emails about it dealt with.

A member of the Forum Team here could look into it for you, but that will be an up to three day wait for one of them to pick up on your topic though.

That aside, I'll private message you some info which you can consider using based on how the call into Customer Relations goes. You'll be able to see that message here:

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