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Moving tv into another room

I'm renovating my house and my tv room is moving floor. How do I get Virgin to come out and feed the cable to the correct floor from the outside of the house?
Is here another solution that involves only moving the tv?
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Re: Moving tv into another room

Well now, sit back and relax while we take you through it.

If you have TiVo/VHD and want that moved to the floor your TV will now be on, the simplest way is to ring VM up and ask them to move it. Its an elective call out so a charge of 99 quid applies. Small beer in the budget of a renovation, but unwelcome news I'm sure.

In your position that is exactly what I would do as you presumably want it tracked up externally and done right. Theres also the small issue that it is now a job covered by WAH regs so may require a 2 man team- make that clear to VM if/when you book it.


Leave Tivo where it is. Extend via a long HDMI lead (In ducting obviously with wall plates fitted, assuming you want a proper job) and you can use IR over HDMI injectors to control TiVo from the (now) remote location of the TV


Chance extending the coax yourself internally- you'll need specific VM cable and proper fitting of connectors either end to prevent noise ingress. Not a recommended  option.

Or there are  a million different ways to send an HDMI signal over various forms of cabling/Wireless from where it is now to where the telly is going to be. Some more effective than others. Honestly not worth the hassle.